Justice? Or... Just Me?: The Bite

hawk i films · Ages 18+ · 90 mins


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SPECIAL Q&A Friday, February 18th at 9pm on Zoom!
Meeting ID: 897 8311 7211
Passcode: 575289

Find the Artist’s Virtual Playbill here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hQsyEy6sZY44f1lmkA19T3IKlXtSRHNW/view

“Justice? Or… Just Me?” is based on the book series of the same title authored by Lorinda Hawkins Smith, published this past summer. The Bite is the first in the trilogy directed by Patricia Bean-Kane, performed by Lorinda Hawkins Smith, that examines what justice looks like from the perspective of a Black woman in a domestic violence marriage to a White man. Her journey navigates what happens when a woman of color dares to fight back. When she dares to ask for help, the help she receives is not what she was expecting. Through various storytelling techniques, we are able to see if justice is for all or just for some. The Bite premiered in the Hollywood Fringe Festival earning the Hollywood Fringe Festival Diversity Scholarship awarded to productions with powerful community impact. A Q & A facilitated by Downtown Women’s Center Domestic Violence and Homeless Services Coalition will follow the performance.

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