Too Big For Her Britches

soaring solo studios · Ages 16+ · 90 mins


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A one woman musical journey about self love and breaking generational abuse.

Told through the eyes of the main character, Luna, it’s a battle between her Inner Shame and Inner Warrioress to step into her big britches and stop trying to make herself smaller to be loved. After a barrage of text messages from her mother, and almost being wiped out by a transport truck, Luna finds herself questioning everything about her life and how she got there.
Journey through her life of heartbreak, bullying, eating disorders, mental health, and coming out of the darkness of generational trauma to finding her light.

Accompanied on piano by Drew Lawrence.

Content note: Possibly disturbing material that includes self harm, suicide, sexual violence and a few F bombs.

“The table reading of ‘Too Big For Her Britches’ was like NOTHING I have EVER witnessed in my 59 years on the planet…as a fellow performance artist. Lisa channeled this incredible expression of her very relatable & moving Story into such beautiful ART. We (the audience) were with her every breath of the way as she relived her experience through prose & song…playing every character in the most fascinating & entertaining way. I cannot WAIT to see this incredible show on Broadway where it NEEDS to be, as at a deeper level, I believe it will help humanity heal much trauma as most of us were not raised in the families we wanted. I believe that most of us were raised in the families we NEEDED to turn some of us into those who can help to heal the planet…like Lisa Pezik.”

~Elvira Hopper
Miracle Mindset Coach, Inspiration Speaker, Artistic Healer, Professional Jazz Singer

“From the very beginning of Lisa’s show, I was captivated by her story. Lisa’s storytelling sparked so many emotions inside of me and took me on an inspiring journey as I cringed in fear for her, laughed in pure joy, and was inspired by her strength and perseverance though her whole presentation. I loved Lisa’s songs, her message, and her characters. Each touched a part of my heart and have changed me for the better because I was honoured to watch her show.”

~Suzanne Longstreet, CPQC, TNLP, TCYF, TCHt
Mental Fitness Coach & NLP Master Coach

“I laughed, I cried, I healed. Lisa has a powerful story with a well-crafted performance. The central themes that we all struggle with have you growing and healing right alongside Luna. A must see! “
~Dana Pharant
Intuitive Business Coach and Master Healer

“Too Big For Her Britches” is a MUST see show! If you can only choose one show this year, it MUST be this one. I couldn’t stop thinking about it for days. Lisa had me mesmerized from the minute the show started until the ending. It touched me in many ways. It has depth – it’s raw, bold and tender. I cried, I laughed, and I cheered. My only wish was that the show was even longer as it’s that good. The message is powerful, needs to be heard and life changing. The music is contagious, and you will want it on your go-to play list. It’s one play that I will see multiple times and can’t wait for its Broadway debut!

~Amy Jo Esser
Speaker and Voice Coach

“When Lisa takes the stages, she steals your heart. Takes your breath away. And transforms the moments you get to share with her in the experiences she creates.
Her work will change your life, if you let it.
See this show.”

~Ginger Johnson
Professional Speaker & Author

“I thought I was attending a table reading and Lisa delivered a full-blown experience on my computer screen. If I knew I would be moved from laughter to tears and everything in between I would have not worn mascara that day. Her characters are so vivid, her songs touch your heart, and I could feel Lisa’s energy through the camera lens. At that point, which was very early on in the process, I said the only thing that will make this better is the stage to unleash Lisa. I want to see more. I still find myself singing her original songs and will be one of the first in line for the soundtrack. If you’ve ever struggled with self (and we all have) this is a MUST SEE. I can’t give it justice in my words – you just have to SEE IT, EXPERIENCE it! Incredibly powerful!

~ Karen Wilson
Author of Be Weightless

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