The Holy O

out of mind productions · Ages 18+ · 1hr

Vera, a vivacious and possibly lost woman, is contemplating becoming a Catholic nun but has never considered celibacy one of her virtues. Her situation is complicated by the onset of visions and rapturous prayers. As Vera sorts through the remaining bits of what she owns, her story unfolds and is intertwined with stories of other women’s experiences exploring the connection between the body, the spirit, and sexuality. Vera interacts with the audience as they become characters from her past and saints in her preset. Will Vera enter the religious life or abandon it for something better?

The Holy O borders between interactive and immersive theatre. Vera’s journey is interwoven with stories inspired by interviews with dozens of women and female-identifying people. Partial nudity: All areas traditionally covered by undergarments remain covered.

Libations & Conversations immediately following the show.

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