Being Richard Greene

only jassem · Ages 10+ · 1hr


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In 1949 feeling like a boy who looks like a girl was never thought about…. or heaven forfend actually spoken of.
“Will I ever have a penis? I just want someone to know who I am”
Does this sound sad?
Try being a She that thinks She is a He (or is He a She – are you confused yet?) … feel the laughter and the tears…it ain’t so easy.
You may stumble as Lynne sometimes did, but every strange situation that she encounters brings her closer to finding her truth.
BUT… he/she can tap dance, and that’s always a winner!
You will be witness to an ancient theme still highly relevant today delivered via spoken mime, characterizations, and multi-media. It’s a tragicomedy, full of laughter, poignancy and wit.
Will she solve this dilemma….OY…we hope so.

Production Team

lynne jassem 

writer, performer, choreographer