Outta The Darkness Into The Light

the montes method · Ages 13+ · 90 mins


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The play begins with Tony being in a life-changing moment, then intriguingly continues with a conversation about his life with an ominous, unseen voice. The purpose of this conversation? To afford Tony his opportunity to explain certain life choices. Curiously, the choices to be discussed are selected not by the Voice, but by a panel of unknown decision makers. This panel will, after listening to his explanations, decide whether Tony must continue on the path he has laid, or if he is free to follow another one. The panel alone decides.

The questions set forth to Tony are real, taken from his own life. The explanations, too, are real. Delivered from a place of vulnerability and truth.

“Outta The Darkness Into The Light,” is more than simply an open book of Tony’s life. He does something that most performers will never do! That is, he opens up about his true self, and allows himself to lay under the scrutiny of his peers. He is judged not only for the play’s sake – and duration, but also weathers the judgment meted out on his life, long after the play is finished.

“Outta the Darkness Into The Light” is a difficult play, not because of its content, but from where it emerges: An honest and open place.

For the audience, it could very well serve as a starting point for anyone willing to take inventory of their life and their life’s decisions. For Tony, it may very well provide a healing by understanding of some of the most difficult choices of his life.
- Gus Summers – the “IN” show

Production Team